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The World's 17 Most Dangerous Foods [Infographic]


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Mr Gamez compiled an infographic of the world’s 17 deadliest foods, along with some interesting notes about each deathtrap and why consumers should beware.

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Master Your Muscles [Infographic]


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Your body has approximately 640 muscles (depending on who’s counting), and it’s important to keep every group mobile and healthy. How many muscles do you ignore when you train? You might not realise you are doing it, but it’s easy to get stuck in the same routine, forgetting about other important muscles and exercises.

Master Your Muscles

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The 8 Most Likely People To Meet In A House Share [Infographic]


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Here Gumtree presents the 8 most likely people to meet in a flat share.

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5 Facts About the Friendship Between Coffee and Poop [Infographic]


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You've probably noticed that after you drink a cup of coffee you immediately feel the need to go to the bathroom. Now you're going to find out what exactly is going on internally after you drink your morning cup of coffee.

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How much is your old phone worth? [Infographic]


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As a country with the highest cellphone penetration per square meter in Africa, almost all of us have unused cell phones lying around. But how much can you sell it for? Gumtree has created an unique phone price checker that collates all the data from the site to demonstrate how much second hand cellphones are being sold for, per brand, device and model. This allows you to not only sell your old phone for what it’s worth, but also to determine what phones you could afford to buy.

“It’s a great way to recoup some money from your old phone to put towards a brand new one,” says Claire Cobbledick, Head of Marketing for Gumtree South Africa. “Cellphone technology changes rapidly, which is why buying and selling is a great way to always have the latest gadget in your pocket without breaking the bank.” 

A recent study by Havas Worldwide has shown that 43% of 16-35 year olds consider the resale value before they make a purchase, which is why taking the resale value of a cell phone into account before purchase pays dividends. “We do it for other high-value items like cars – why not do it for cellphones?” says Cobbledick.

The phone price checker is the latest offering in a series of three by the classifieds site, which also boasts a car price checker and a property checker. “These tools are ultimately aimed at helping our customers decide what to purchase and how to determine resale value,” says Cobbledick.

Cobbledick believes that the latent data on the classifieds site can be “immensely valuable”, particularly to retailers and automotive dealerships. “There is no other portal that answers the question, “What happens to my product after it’s been sold?” in a better fashion. It’s telling to see, for instance, how quickly certain phones are being sold after purchase or how much value consumers place on one brand as opposed to another.”

Cobbledick says that electronics remain one of the most popular categories on the site. “There are at least 17,000 cell phones being sold on the site every month, and they sell very quickly.” Phones sold can range from feature phones to the latest Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. “Smart phones are in high demand but very few people can afford to buy them new, particular pay-as-you-go customers. Gumtree offers an affordable access for aspiring techies.”

All three price checkers can be viewed here.