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38 Benefits of Owning A Dog [Infographic]


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Find 38 reasons why owning a dog is awesome!

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The Top 10 Safest States To Live In The USA For The Last 10 Years [Infographic]


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You want to keep yourself and your family safe… 

You want to be in the safest states to live in!

But where is that possible?! The good news… South Dakota, New York and North Dakota are three of the safest and the best states to live in. While South Carolina and District of Colombia are the worse states to live in America (at least for the last 10 years). 

Home Security List put together data from State Law Enforcement Agencies, the FBI and other resources, and analyzed each state’s crime statistics based on this formula: 100,000 inhabitants X [Property Crime Numbers/Total Population (each year)]

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Costs Vs Benefits Of A University Education [Infographic]


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Any student now considering doing a degree needs to be sure that the financial benefits over their lifetime will still outweigh the costs. There are obviously a series of non-financial benefits that also accrue by studying at a further education level but it is really down to the student to decide which of these, if any, they value. 

The following infographic is designed to show: 

1. What the costs are of going to university 

2. How weekly costs differ around the country – including living costs and the cost of having a social life 

3. What the financial and non-financial benefits are of gaining a degree.

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21 Casino Movies of All Time [Infographic]


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Best films related to gambling. If you like casino theme, check it out. GamesMoney, casino games portal, presents the infographic about the most popular movies about gambling.

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Father’s Day Spending [Infographic]


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Find out what dad really wants this year based on his persona. Then see what consumers just like you are spending this year for Father’s Day.

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