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It's All About The Images [Infographic]

Posted by Good Infographics | Posted on Monday, June 25, 2012 | Posted in ,

Some say image is everything, and that’s especially true on the Internet where the shift to visual optimization is playing an increasingly important role in the recent phenomenon of photo marketing. In light of their numerous benefits for brands of all kinds, MDG Advertising developed an insightful infographic that illustrates the influence of images on a company’s business, branding, search, and social media efforts. For insight on optimizing images for content and commerce, along with advice on image optimization techniques, take a look at the following infographic to see why images can help make success a snap.

First, the infographic details the power of Pinterest whose popularity has propelled the use of high-quality images in sharable online content. It also explains how Facebook’s greater focus on images has led the social media giant to switch to Timeline and acquire photo startup Instagram.

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