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Advertising options:

Express Submission of Infographics

While we do accept free submissions of infographics, free submissions are limited to editorial review and only 2 links back to your original site, one of which is followed while the other in nofollowed. For a one-time nominal fee, Express Submissions guarantee that your infographic will be posted in a timely manner and you may include 1 followed link in the description as well as 1 followed link of the infographic itself back to either the original source or another URL of your choosing. You also have control over the anchor text used in these links whereas with the Free Submission option, you do not.

Cost: $25 one-time fee payable via PayPal.

Top Banner

728×90 site-wide graphical banner that appears below header of the site.

Cost: Contact Us for current rate card and availability

Right Sidebar Buttons

125×125 right sidebar graphical buttons that appear in the Partners section. These do not rotate and no more than 4 buttons will be placed at any given time so spots are limited. You must supply your own media (ad creatives).

Cost: Contact Us for current rate card and availability

In Post Text Links

These offer the ability to have a textual link within any existing post on Infographic Journal. Links are followed and you control the anchor text. Link will be subject to editorial approval. In other words, they need to be somewhat relevant to the nature of the post itself.

Cost: Contact Us for current rate card and availability

Sponsored Post / Reviews

Sponsoring a post or review on this blog will not only generate some buzz to the targeted website, but the link in that post will be there permanently.

Cost: Contact Us for current rate card and availability

Other advertising method

While the above listed advertising method are the most common ones, you can be creative and come out with your own idea. For example, placing text link ads or image ads on a specific post only. If you have any advertising method thats not listed above, feel free to contact me with details and I will get you back as soon as possible with as much details as possible like pricing etc.

The above is just a brief guide on what is possible. Things are flexible and can be adjusted according to your needs. All you have to do is just drop me a few lines at and we will have a good discussion over it.

Thank you for showing interest in advertising on Good Infographics.

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