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Halloween Story: Escape the Jam Factory [Infographic]

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Hear that mad cackling in the distance at night? That scraping against your bedroom window when you’ve turned out the light? It’s Halloween, returning for yet another night of candle-lit graveyards, ghastly costume parties and horror movie bonanzas. Halloween – originally “All Hallows’ Evening” – occurs on October 31 and is nowadays celebrated in countries around the world. The hordes of grinning pumpkins and bed sheet-clad ghosts point to the holiday’s origins: pagan harvest festivals and feasts in honour of the dead. Soon there’ll be trick-or-treating monsters knocking on your door and demanding chocolate, so while you wait, get in the mood with this infographic.

Can you escape the Jam Factory – home of Obergine’s terrifying offices – before dawn? The only way to find out is to have a go – or maybe a run. After all, learning is more fun when you flee for your life…

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