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Twins in the Classroom [Infographic]

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If you think you’re seeing double, you’re right. The rate of twin births in the U.S has skyrocketed—rising 76 percent from 1980 through 2009 and still rising. As more twins enter school every year, teachers and parents work together to create the best educational environment for multiple-birth children. The most basic question that arises among parents and teachers when twins enter school: Should twins be placed in separate classrooms or allowed to be in the same class? Compelling arguments abound on both sides of the issue. Some experts and parents feel that because of the strong bond most twins develop, it could be traumatizing to separate them during the school day. Others believe that separating twins allows them to foster a stronger sense of self identity. A solution that works for one set of twins won’t necessarily work for another.

While some school districts have policies forbidding the placement of twins in the same class, others don’t. A law was passed in North Carolina last year leaving the final decision of whether or not to place twins in the same or different classes up to the parents, and other jurisdictions have similar laws in place. Some parents still don’t have a choice when considering whether or not their twins should be placed in separate classes, but for those that do have a choice, there are some key points to take into consideration.

Learn more about twins in the classroom in our infographic.

Click on Image to Enlarge. Twins in the Classroom

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