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Why You Should Switch and Save With Your Credit Cards [Infographic]

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Credit cards can be a very useful financial tool. They can be great for consolidating debt, handy when travelling, ideal for building up your credit rating and they can offer great rewards if you use them for your everyday spending.

 In fact, credit cards come with a host of benefits and providing they are used correctly, they can offer big advantages over using your debit card.

Many credit cards come with introductory offers that allow you to avoid paying interest for a set period. Some cards offer interest-free periods on balance transfers, making them ideal for debt consolidation. Others offer 0% periods on spending - great for funding a large purchase that you intend to pay off before the promotional rate expires. Some credit cards even allow you to earn cashback or rewards as you spend. But you must pay off your balance in full each month.

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Image source: MoneySupermarket

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