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The Brits That Cracked America [Infographic]

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The world is shrinking—or it certainly seems that way, anyhow. Mobile technology, the Internet, and recent advances in communication and transportation have brought us closer together than ever before. So it is unsurprising that British and American cultures seem to be bleeding into one another more and more each day. Many of the same heartthrobs and celebrity superstars we cherish here in the UK are equally, and sometimes even more, famous in the US. From sports stars like David Beckham to music divas like Adele, Brits today have an enormous impact on American culture and exert a social influence that seems to increase daily. The three biggest superheroes of the silver screen, for example––Henry Cavill as Superman, Andrew Garfield as Spiderman, and Christian Bale as Batman––are all Brits.

While the trend of Brits making it big in the US is hardly new (bands like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin made their splash decades ago), these days it certainly seems to be building momentum. From Hollywood to Radio City Music Hall to the PGA Tour, Brits are figuring prominently into today’s American celebrity landscape.

To see which British celebrities made the list of most influential figures in the US, check out this great infographic by

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