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Amazon Vs. Alibaba: The Showdown [Infographic]

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In the US. E-commerce is dominated by one name: Amazon. And while China’s answer to Amazon, Alibaba, doesn’t yet have the name recognition (or the revenue) of its American competitor, that may soon change. With Alibaba preparing to make what will likely be the biggest IPO in history in New York later this year, the time is right for a showdown between the world’s two biggest E-commerce platforms. Amazon (originally called “Cadabra”) was founded in Jeff Bezo’s garage in 1994 i n Bellevue, Washington. Amazon went public in May of 1997 at a valuation of $438 million. It now has a market cap of $157.52 billion. Alibaba was born five years later, in 1999, in founder Jack Ma’s Hupan Garden apartment in Hangzhou, China. Alibaba Group is planning to IPO in New York in late 2014 at a valuation that could put its market cap at $168 billion. WORLD RANK Amazon is the world’s 9th most-visited website, while TaoBao, an online shopping portal owned by Alibaba, is the world’s 10th most-visited.

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